Permanent Hair Reduction with Palomar EsteLux IPL System

Permanent reduction of unwanted hair is quickly and effectively achieved with our fast Starlux Pulsed Light system. By disabling the hair at the root itself, Permanent Hair Reduction offers the ideal alternative to traditional hair removal methods of waxing, chemical hair removers, shaving or electrolysis.

Effective on dense body hair, the Palomar system is particularly suited for mid to darker toned skins which easily hyperpigment. Our clinic uses the Palomar StarLux system. This fast system can be set at variable wavelengths and power to treat any skin color efficiently.

The selection of the correct power levels for your skin tone is crucial in obtaining lasting results while preventing the occurrence of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, (darkening), hypopigmentation (removal of natural skin pigment), blistering or scarring.

Spider Veins and Varicose Veins

Small facial veins and capillaries are now quickly treated with intense light form lasers or pulsed light.

Vascular lasers and pulsed light systems target the hemoglobins in the blood, reducing and removing broken and dilated capillaries ( referred to as telangiectasias) resulting from acne inflammation, sun damage, rosacea or heredity that are visible on your face or legs.

Skin Lasers and What They Do

Laser Technology has completely changed the way we treat skin problems and cosmetic concerns.

A laser is a highly focused beam of light which is absorbed by various colors (brown, red, blue, purple) or water in the skin.

Each laser has either a different "color-match" to the various pigments in the skin or is designed to heat tissue that contains water.

Although this is a simplistic explanation, it is the basis of laser action and the reasons why lasers are so effective on such a wide variety of skin issues.

The "How" of Hair Reduction

Lasers and lights work by delivering an intense beam of light that is absorbed by pigment.

This light is converted to heat and is absorbed by the cells being targeted, while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected.

Palomar laser and light systems feature a patented contact cooling system which helps make the procedure comfortable - even for large areas such as the legs, chest or back.

Can I Expect Total Hair Removal?

Multiple treatments are required for effective hair reduction because the hair follicle must be "active" at the time of treatment and not all follicles are active at the same time. Total hair removal is not possible, but a permanent reduction in hair growth makes this procedure one of the most popular of all non surgical cosmetic treatments.

Areas Treatable:

  • Legs
  • Back and Neck
  • Chest
  • Arms and Under-arms
  • Upper Lip
  • Excess Facial Hair
  • Ears
  • Hormone-induced Growth
  • Bikini Area